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    Urge Rep. Tom Reed to vote “no” on health care bill

    Republican members of Congress have developed a new version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA).  While the original version of the bill would have threatened services to people with disabilities by drastically changing the way the Medicaid system operates, the new bill is even more damaging.  Republicans in the House of Representatives hope to bring the bill up for a vote during the first week in May.

    After being in support of the original version of the AHCA (which in March was withdrawn before it could make it to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote), the Southern Tier’s representative, Tom Reed, has stated that he is still trying whether to support the new version of the bill.

    Please phone Congressman Reed at 202-225-3161 and urge him to oppose this version of the AHCA.  Or click here to send Congressman Reed read an email.

    If the bill becomes law, it would fundamentally change the Medicaid program.  Rather than people automatically being eligible for services if they meet certain criteria, Medicaid would become a block grant program or utilize a per-capita cap; either system would force states to place limits on services.

    People with disabilities rely on Medicaid!  It is their lifeline!  Please contact Congressman Reed and tell him to preserve this lifeline and protect Medicaid, by voting “no” on this version of the American Health Care Act.

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